Utrecht University Summer School on International Law, Law of the Sea, Human Rights and Water Law

At Utrecht University, we just published the full day-to-day programmes of our Summer School courses on our website. I think the courses will certainly be of interest to a great diversity of students. These are some of the courses on international law:

Summer School on Public International Law,
Summer School on Law of the Sea,
Summer School on Water Law.

We also offer certain Special Tracks, that I think can be of interest to students or pracitioners of international law. These are combinations of two or more courses on an overlapping theme, and students get a discount if they register for these Tracks. These are:

Law and economics of the sustainable management of water, oceans and lagoons,
Public International Law and Human Rights
Public International Law and the Law of the Sea
• and The Oceans: Crucial to Life, Law and Economics


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