CFP: Panels on Intervention in Africa and R2P for ISA

I am hoping to put together two panels on R2P and Conflict and Intervention in Africa, for next year’s ISA convention in San Francisco (3-6 April 2013 –
and am looking for a couple of additional papers for each panel. If you
are interested in being part of the panel proposals, please e-mail me
ASAP (and no later than 21 May) with a title, abstract and affiliation.

The Varieties of R2P

The responsibility to protect was recognised by the UN 7 years ago, and
has been part of public discussion for more than a decade. Since then,
the UN and other entities have engaged in a wide variety of R2P,
proto-R2P, and R2P-like activities, which have had different
characteristics and varying degrees of efficacy. This panel will
investigate the varieties of R2P-related activities, noting convergences
or divergences with parallel or overlapping discourses, concepts, and
practices, such as protection of civilians. It will involve in-depth
case studies which will tease out the practices of R2P.

Conflict and Intervention in Africa

Recent years have seen a variety of international actors intervene
militarily in a variety of ways in sub-Saharan Africa. The UN, AU, EU,
and ECOWAS, as well as individual states, have all undertaken
interventions of varying size and scope to deal with sometimes highly
complex security and human rights situations in a number of countries.
This panel will assess recent interventions and analyze their
implications for evolving practices and norms surrounding intervention.


Kurt Mills, Ph.D. Visiting Fellow, Human Rights Consortium, School of Advanced Study, University of London
Senior Lecturer in International Human Rights

Convenor, Glasgow Human Rights Network
Convenor, MSc in Human Rights and International Politics
Convenor, MSc in International Relations
School of Social and Political Sciences
University of Glasgow

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