Call for Papers- Enhancing Stability in the International Economic Order

The New Zealand Centre of International Economic Law (NZCIEL) will host a conference entitled “Enhancing Stability in the International Economic Order” in Wellington on 7-8 July 2011. This multidisciplinary conference will bring together scholars, business people, policymakers and research students to discuss and debate issues relating to the conference theme. The focus will be on generating innovative ideas to tackle issues that have emerged in a world surfacing from economic recession.

Conference Theme

The world is cautiously emerging from a global recession. The economic crisis has led to a new and genuine scrutiny of the international economic system. 2011 is an appropriate time to analyse the last two decades, with a view towards generating a consensus around which policies and ethical norms are necessary to avoid repeating past mistakes in the conduct of international economic relations.

The conference seeks to reassess legal, political and economic theory, provide analytic frameworks ensuring better regulation of financial markets, related professions (accountants, auditors, lawyers, financial advisers and fund managers) and the banking sector, look at specific crises and evaluate the response of the international community, and offer some thoughts on the development of a more equitable and ethical economic order. It is hoped that in addition to scholarly discussions, the conference will provide guidance for policymakers, practitioners, regulators and adjudicators.

The organisers plan for papers to fall under the following main themes:

– Theoretical perspectives on linkages between ethics and international economic law;

– Analytic frameworks (economic and/or legal) for the regulation of financial markets and services, related professions and the banking sector;

– Empirical studies of the way international economic law responds to environmental and social crises;

– Development of an equitable and ethical economic order.

Proposals for papers addressing any of these themes should be submitted to by 14 March 2011. Proposals should not exceed 500 words and should be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae. We welcome papers from a range of different disciplines and from early career as well as more established researchers. Selection decisions will be made by 31 March 2011.
We intend to further develop selected conference papers into a book of high-quality essays to be published by an international publisher.

See the Call for Papers.

The NZ Centre of International Economic Law is pleased to acknowledge sponsorship of this conference in honour of Dan Chan.

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