United Nations Day: How did the Americans celebrate?


By Otto Spijkers


NY-00566-C~Poster-for-United-Nations-Day-Posters.jpgYesterday was United Nations day. Of course, the UN Secretary-General had very positive things to say about his employer:

The world is changing in the United Nations’ favor — as more people and Governments understand that multilateralism is the only path in our interdependent and globalizing world. Global problems demand global solutions — and going it alone is not a viable option. Whether we are speaking of peace and security, development, or human rights, demands on our Organization are growing every day.

More interesting, perhaps, is to read some of the comments posted on the US Department of State Official Blog (to make such a blog is a wonderful idea, I think, and I hope the Dutch Government will start a blog of its own soon). The question asked to all Americans was phrased in a very positive way: ‘Does the United Nations continue to effectively fulfill its mission?’ (It could easily have been formulated otherwise, as in ‘Does the costly and ineffective bureaucracy, referred to as the UN, which failed to prevent genocide in Rwanda and Srebrenica, and which now fails to establish peace and security in the Congo.. etc. etc., need to be abolished?’) There were quite a few people who answered the question. All the replies are interesting (and all are very positive). Here are some of the most interesting (in my opinion, that is):

Mark in Massachusetts writes: Yes, the United Nations continues to fulfill its mission effectively. What could you possibly propose as an alternative? Scott in Washington, DC writes: The U.S.-UN relationships is like a marriage. It isn’t always perfect and we don’t always get what we want, but life would be much more difficult without our partner. The UN today is at least as relevant – and as helpful to U.S. interests – as it has ever been. Ralph in Greece writes: I believe the UN has always done the best it can. With any organization run by people, you will have problems, but the system works. Now, please get them to pay their parking tickets!! Please! Jane in Pennsylvania writes: I believe that the UN does effectively fulfill its mission. I am most impressed with the peace keeping missions that the UN does. I witnessed this in Haiti in 2004. Their work was very positive and life-giving. I think the U.S. should be more supportive of the UN and its mission. Patrick in Washington, DC writes: The UN is the most effective format for bringing together nations to choose the course of human existence. I firmly believe that if the United States supported the UN, financially, politically and ideologically, there would be zero doubt about the UN’s effectiveness. It is time that the U.S. fulfills our dues to UN and our debt to UN Peacekeeping. This year’s record number of Peacekeeping missions (18) is indication enough that the world deserves our support. Furthermore, how many Nobel Peace prizes will be awarded to UN entities before Americans realize the value of peace? Dave in New Mexico writes: I am truly disgusted with the constant barrage of negative comments directed at the UN, the worst of them initiated by the White House. I’m astounded that we even listen to their divisive rhetoric, which is also accompanied by fraudulent and ignored financial commitments by this administration. I am an absolute believer, that if this country truly supported and adhered to UN policies and programs, this world would have a far better chance of finding peace and understanding. But, as long as corrupt, divisive men such as George Bush and Dick Cheney are calling the shot’s this wonderful international peace keeping organization doesn’t stand much of a chance, and that is very sad, indeed it’s a travesty! Marlene in Washington writes: Even if the United Nations were accomplishing nothing we would at least have a forum for the world. I feel that the attacks from certain factions in my country spring from ignorance and greed and having Bolton as our UN ambassador is an insult. I hope that the many countries involved in the US realize that the American people by and large do not agree with our current government administration.

Many comments were highly critical of the blog’s owner, the United States Government. Even though I tried very hard, I couldn’t find a single comment which was not positive about the United Nations. Is there such a big difference between the American people’s views on the United Nations and that of their current Administration? I’m not sure how much one can rely on a few comments on a blog, but it certainly seems there is a huge difference. – Otto

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  1. It made it out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by a vote of 17-4.
    Their last vote on it in 2004 was 19-0. I was surprised at Norm Coleman’s against vote. He supported it in ’04. Ah well, he’s running for reelection in ’08, that might explain his flip-flop.
    Now it must go before the full senate. That’s where it’s gonna die.
    Let’s see if the Democrats can bring it to the senate floor quickly. From all reports they don’t have the votes to pass it when it gets there.
    A little info on the full Senates (Democrat controlled) popularity here. Their approval rate is at 11%. The lowest rating in US history. They have conducted over 300 investigations since their taking the senate majority and haven’t come up with any wrong doing at all.
    Th un can forget about getting their hands on billions of dollars.
    US out of the un
    un out of the US

  2. Thanks. And sorry for addressing you as “Mr. Dontbelieveit” when it should have been “Mrs. Dontbelieveit”


  3. I will most certainly keep you informed. After the vote tomorrow I’ll come and post the results. We only need 34 senators to put an end to this…for now. It’s like the amnesty bills for illegal aliens. We shot that down twice in the last couple of months alone. With our traitorous (yes, that’s the word I used)senators there’s a constant battle going on here between the sell-out of our country by our corrupt and leftist politicians and those of us who fight to keep our country free from global elitist who want the NAU to become a reality, in both our House and Senate.
    I’m a Mrs. I’m a wife, mother and grandmother.
    No, I’m not with them. Everyone has picked up that slogan. It no longer is just for that site. There’s a perfect storm brewing right here in the good ol’ USofA.
    Between Bush leaving our Southern borders wide open for the invasion of our country to his supporting lost, he has ‘lost’ no pun intended – the conservative base. I’m republican by the way and voted for him in ’04. I had been a democrat for over 30 years and voted accordingly. Bush was my first vote for a republican. (but he sure beat voting for kerry)
    I’m just an American in the fly over country that our media on the East and Left coast refuse to admit we exist.
    That’s just a little FYI on me, hope it helped.
    Us out of the un
    un out of the US

  4. Hello Mr. Dontbelieveit,

    Please keep us informed.

    I was just wondering, are you in any way affiliated with this website: Get US out! of the United Nations? If not, please ignore the rest of my comment. If yes, could you please respond to some questions I have about the first two paragraphs on that website?

    US out! writes: World government through the United Nations is a serious threat to the freedom of all Americans. Imagine being held prisoner in a foreign land and tried in an international court with judges from such countries as Afghanistan, China, or Iraq.

    But the United Nations is not a world government, and it never will be. It is a gathering of sovereign states. In the second sentence, one is referring to the ICTR, and the ICTY, right? First of all, these were largely American inventions. Second, what would be the alternative? Would you prefer impunity for those who carried out the genocides in Srebrenica and Rwanda? Or would you prefer that these individuals are tried in foreign courts, or in countries where an independent trial is impossible?

    Us out! Writes: The United Nations (financed by American taxpayers!) has long been a safe harbor for terrorist and oppressive regimes which target America as the enemy.

    The UN is not financed by the American taxpayers alone. It is financed by all the world’s taxpayers, according to their ability to pay. It is not true that the US citizen pays more than the average European, for example. Furthermore, the US benefits a lot, financially, from the fact that UN Headquarters is located in New York. As you know, diplomats generally have quite a lot of money to spend. On the UN as safe haven for terrorists? well, I don’t really understand that at all; the US has used, and is continuing to use, the UN Security Council as a tool to fight international terrorism. The Council obliged all 190+ member states to take various measures to fight terrorism; this is something the US could never do (at least not legally).

    US out! Writes: Even more alarming, the United Nations is beginning to take aim at the God-given rights enjoyed by Americans since our great nation was founded. The right to self defense, use your own property, or even the right to have children may all be trampled if the United Nations is allowed to have the power it seeks.

    That I find a bit absurd. In what way can the UN prevent people from having children? And the right to self-defence is actually expressly acknowledged by the UN. It was accepted by the UN Security Council that the US (and its allies) defended itself against terrorism, especially in Afghanistan.

  5. L.O.S.T. comes up for senate ratification tomorrow. We’ll see if our faxing, calling, emailing our esteemed *gag* politicians are listening to patriot Americans when it comes to handing over 70% of the Earths surface to the parasitic un. They ignore us at their peril.
    SINK L.O.S.T.
    Us out of the un
    un out of the US

  6. I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Dontbelieveit, but I honestly think we did not get your comment of yesterday. Could you send it to us again, please? (By the way: we do ignore and delete some comments that we receive, but only spam and that sort of stuff, which we get every day by the dozens…) I was very happy to get your first comment, I must say, and published it immediately.

  7. They’re censoring comments at the State blog as well as this one.
    I posted another comment here yesterday and it’s still not showing.
    Why is that Otto? If you want an echo chamber just say so and I’ll not darken your door step any longer.
    Us out of the un
    un out of the US

  8. I stand corrected – Jack Mihov succesfully posted a comment criticizing the UN for nepotism, corruption and giving legitimacy to the worst human-rights abusing regimes. You win this round Otto!

  9. Well Otto, I just posted a very critical comment under a masturbation pseudonym. Let’s see if you can spot it, or if the administrators even post it – I got the message “Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator for approval.”

    It’s funny, even Kim Jong Il could get 99% positive comments on his rule if he was the blog administrator…

  10. Well, but that’s the thing. How come all these positive remarks about the United Nations ended up at the blog of the US State Department? It was not a UN website; if that were the case, I wouldn’t be all that surprised to hear nothing but positive things about the Organization.

  11. Well, I guess the last comment sums up the opposition. Obviously you don’t get Fox News, Otto, but the words Kofi Annan and UN are now synonymous with corruption and oil for food among the American right. I won’t even count the backlash against Chavez or Ahmedinajad at the GA (though to be fair, the worst that was said of the UN in that particular context was that it shouldn’t be hosted in the US) or the usual complaints about certain countries that are frequently involved with human rights.

    I think you might find that people don’t spend a lot of time on blogs or web-sites whose opinions they disagree with it – we all do it occasionally for sport, but only up to a point 😉

  12. The only people in the us who supports the un are the leftist and globalist.
    We need to repeal The uNited nAtions Participation Act.
    Get that scum off our soil. Let them set up shop in Africa. That way they’ll be closer to those who think they need them.
    October 24th, Burn The un Flag Day! Google it up.
    US out of the un
    un out of the US

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