5 thoughts on “Understanding Bokito, the gorilla that escaped and attacked a woman

  1. Here you can find an interesting article with the title “Apen zijn ook maar mensen” (Monkeys are only humans). I’m afraid it is in Dutch, but for those that master this beautiful language…

    – Otto

  2. Hello Nick,

    Thanks for the compliment. I would argue that a blog about international law and politics includes by definition international animal politics, feminism, cultural relativism, etc. Whenever a monkey escapes from the zoo, thereby challenging the very paradigm that defines animal-human relations, I consider this an act of rebellion that is fundamental to international politics and, in the long run, perhaps even international law. I wrote something about animal rights on our previous blog (see Who will fly the birds to freedom?), and of course we had the baby seal debate (see here and here). Bokito’s daring escape leads one to challenge ideas that are otherwise believed to be unchallengeable (such as putting animals in cages, and stare at them from behind a glass window).


  3. Fascinating stuff. Maybe we should start another blog about international animal politics, feminism, cultural relativism, etc. 😉

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